I am happy to announce FSharp.SystemTextJson version 1.2!

FSharp.SystemTextJson is a library that provides support for F# types in .NET's standard System.Text.Json.

Here is a summary of the new features in v1.2.

Skippable Option fields (#154)

Version 1.1 introduced the method JsonFSharpOptions.WithSkippableOptionFields(?bool) that, when set to true, causes None and ValueNone to always be skipped when serialized as the value of a record or union field. However, even with this option left as false, None and ValueNone were still skipped if the JsonSerializerOptions have DefaultIgnoreCondition set to WhenWritingNull.

In version 1.2, a new overload of JsonFSharpOptions.WithSkippableOptionFields takes an enum as argument that brings more possibilities.

  • SkippableOptionFields.Always is equivalent to true: record and union fields equal to None and ValueNone are always skipped.

  • SkippableOptionFields.FromJsonSerializerOptions is equivalent to false: record and union fields equal to None and ValueNone are only skipped if JsonSerializerOptions have DefaultIgnoreCondition set to WhenWritingNull. Otherwise, they are serialized as JSON null.

  • SkippableOptionFields.Never is new: None and ValueNone are never skipped, and always serialized as JSON null.

Handling of dictionary and map keys (#161 and #162)

In version 1.2, FSharp.SystemTextJson now makes use of System.Text.Json's ReadAsPropertyName and WriteAsPropertyName features. This manifests in two ways:

  • Single-case unions can now be used as keys in a standard Dictionary (and related types).
    NOTE: This requires System.Text.Json 8.0.

    let options = JsonFSharpOptions().ToJsonSerializerOptions()
    type CountryCode = CountryCode of string
    let countries = dict [
        CountryCode "us", "United States"
        CountryCode "fr", "France"
        CountryCode "gb", "United Kingdom"
    JsonSerializer.Serialize(countries, options)
    // --> {"us":"United States","fr":"France","gb":"United Kingdom"}
  • The format for maps can now be customized using JsonFSharpOptions.WithMapFormat(MapFormat).

    • MapFormat.Object always serializes maps as objects. The key type must be supported as key for dictionaries.
      NOTE: This requires System.Text.Json 8.0.

      let options = JsonFSharpOptions().WithMapFormat(MapFormat.Object).ToJsonSerializerOptions()
      let countries = Map [
          Guid.NewGuid(), "United States"
          Guid.NewGuid(), "France"
          Guid.NewGuid(), "United Kingdom"
      JsonSerializer.Serialize(countries, options)
      // --> {"44e2a549-66c6-4515-970a-a1e85ce42624":"United States", ...
    • MapFormat.ArrayOfPairs always serializes maps as JSON arrays whose items are [key,value] pairs.

      let options = JsonFSharpOptions().WithMapFormat(MapFormat.ArrayOfPairs).ToJsonSerializerOptions()
      let countries = Map [
          "us", "United States"
          "fr", "France"
          "uk", "United Kingdom"
      JsonSerializer.Serialize(countries, options)
      // --> [["us","United States"],["fr","France"],["uk","United Kingdom"]]
    • MapFormat.ObjectOrArrayOfPairs is the default, and the same behavior as v1.1. Maps whose keys are string or single-case unions wrapping string are serialized as JSON objects, and other maps are serialized as JSON arrays whose items are [key,value] pairs.

Other improvements

  • #158: Throw an exception when trying to deserialize null into a record or union in any context, rather than only when they are in fields of records and unions.

  • #163: Add StructuralComparison to the type Skippable<_>. This allows using it with types that are themselves marked with StructuralComparison.

Bug fixes

  • #160: Fix WithSkippableOptionFields(false) not working for voption.

  • #164: When deserializing a record with JsonIgnoreCondition.WhenWritingNull, when a non-nullable field is missing, throw a proper JsonException that includes the name of the field, rather than a NullReferenceException.

Happy coding!

By Loïc "Tarmil" Denuzière on Monday, August 14, 2023

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